What is Open rTMS?

(by Anachronite)

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is the application of variable magnetic fields to the brain. Research has indicated that rTMS (repeating TMS pulses, or repetitive TMS) may have effects as diverse as treatment of depression, pain releif, feelings of euphoria or fear, and altered states of consciousness such as out-of-body experiences. A recent television program even showed potential uses in warfare and defense. This project focuses on the use of low intensity magnetic fields similar in strength to those from a hair dryer.

For some basic background on TMS, please visit the following sites:

A commercial product exists that apparently uses signal templates licensed from Dr. Persinger:
Shatki for Windows

Why would I use TMS?

There are many possible applications of TMS. It is a goal of this project to provide a means for individuals to experiment personally with such effects.

About the project

This project is intended to be similar to the OpenEEG project. The OpenEEG project has been quite a success at creating open source hardware designs and software. A goal of this project is to create similar hardware designs and software for TMS. This project follows in the footsteps of research done by Dr. Michael Persinger on the effects of modulated and pulsed magnetic fields on subjective experience.

The project is in a very early alpha stage. Some of the current goals for the project include:

A word of warning:
All uses of any information, software, hardware or other items associated with this project is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Get Involved!

If you find this interesting, please get involved with this project! We need your help getting it off the ground. Those experienced with OpenEEG software and hardware are especially encouraged to join the effort.

Two mailing lists are available for subscription:
Open-rTMS-announce (low traffic)
This project is in its early stages, so all involvement is welcome!